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Service Calls

In 1973, our company was designated the first, and to this day the only, authorized GE appliance service center in The Bahamas. Our service technicians have had, and continue to receive, specialized training and periodic refreshers with GE experts, in the US and in Puerto Rico as well as on-site here at home. Their combined experience working in the field can be counted in decades rather than years. Our techs supplement their wealth of practical, common-sense experience with computerized diagnostic software designed, provided and licensed by GE. A huge inventory of genuine GE replacement parts ensures that once a problem is identified, it can almost always be fixed quickly. When necessary, we don’t hesitate to courier in parts to keep an appliance’s down-time to a minimum. When needed, our technicians are personally acquainted with top engineering consultants at GE, and readily collaborate with them by phone or online to deal with new or unusual problems. The same knowledge, experience and attention to detail available for our GE appliances are also brought to bear on installations and repairs of the non-GE appliances that we offer, such as all kinds of air-conditioning: room units as well as both ducted and ductless central systems.


Free Delivery


We will deliver your new appliances in most instances at no additional charge. We keep a huge inventory in our 10,000 square-foot warehouse, usually allowing delivery within a day or two of purchase. 

We can also, upon request and at competitive costs, install air-conditioning, electric clothes dryers, electric ranges and refrigerators where the required power supplies, plumbing lines and vents already exist and provide and install special wiring and other fittings needed where they are not available. In some situations, (dishwashers and dryers, ranges and ovens), may need third-party services from a licensed plumber or licensed gas technician to complete your installations. We’re happy to walk you through the process.

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